About Us

    The founder of AFTA Technology Co., Ltd., Dr. Susan Wang, has always held the firm belief that a crisis also serves as a turning point to create new chances for company. While struggling over financial crisis of 2007-2008, this was the time when AFTA established. As a result, Dr. Susan was redefined from "Plastic Princess" to "the Queen of Africa." To lay a solid foundation and in pursuing sustainability, we always keep corporate social responsibility (CSR) in mind and strive to fulfill it in our business models from Africa, Taiwan and across the globe.

    In addition, AFTA is more than a trading company; it is a global platform that excels at integrating German technology, Italian design, Egyptian manufacturing, and Taiwan sourcing, with particularly focusing on auto parts, electric and electronic components, machinery, turnkey solutions and business consulting (e.g. semiconductor study), etc. That’s why AFTA designed our PULLMAN tricycles with well-received reliable and sturdy quality performance on the market. For instance, PULLMAN’s partnership with Coca-Cola not only made it simpler to distribute its goods, but also helped itself to become a household brand in Egypt.

    Profoundly, we are also following three-Zero goals of Prof. Yunus, which include zero poverty, zero unemployment, and zero carbon emissions. To achieve the goals, since early 2018, we have been steadily shifting from fuel-driven tricycle to all electric power vehicles based on our solid tricycle manufacturing experience and innovative orientation spirit to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) simultaneously. We strongly believe that when it comes to leading electric tricycles, AFTA will play the key role in design and manufacturing e-tricycles locally and globally.