I About us

  AFTA Technology Co., Ltd, was built under the pressure of the financial tsunami in 2008 and the family business FCS Group- a global leading manufacturer of plastic injection and molding machine since 1974 and public in 2006.

  With more than 40 years of business philosophy, professional technology, experience and global service marketing network; the establishment of the Indian Technology Alliance, strategic alliance and marketing promotion in the automotive and plastics industry, successfully entered the automotive service enterprise TATA , the automotive equipment supply chain has become a bridge between Taiwan's emerging markets fully experience on turnkey solution and success for International “Coca Cola” production project, ASUS Group (mobile phone and computer) production project, ACER Group (laptop and computer)production project, FOXCONN Group (Apple mobile phone) production project, .

  In addition to marketing countries, as a part of the global village, from the concept of humanitarian relief, the tricycle developed fire-fighting, ambulance, courier delivery, food , vendor models, combined with emergency rescue and youth entrepreneurship, create more social care and employment opportunities.

AFTA vision

To Place Our Customers as Top Priority
We aim to become the top business partner for our customers.
To Share Our Profit
We will share our profits with our employees, share-holders, enable customers, partners, and agents to generate profits.
The Bridge to Service Emerging Market
We will be the best bridge for emerging market customer and give the best service and help.

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