Management awards

  2010: Taiwan-The Best Manager of Golden Torch Award Taiwan-Top 10 Enterprise of Golden Torch Award
  2011: Taiwan-The Best Leader Of Golden Pearl Award
  2013: Taiwan-Africa Business Association(TABA) Government Association Election – Chairwoman.
  2014: Taiwan-Business Model Competition Campion Award
  2016: Taiwan-The General Manager Excellence Award
  2016: Poland-Global Summit of Women representative in Warsaw
  2016: Taiwan-Award of Sino-Arabian Culture & Economic Association
  2019: Haiti-Head of Taiwan Government Haiti Delegation with president.

Innovation Awards

  2015: Taiwan-The Golden Award of Taipei International Invention Show
  2016: Poland- The Golden Award of International Warsaw Invention Show IWIS
  2016: Czech-The Golden Award of Czech Republic Invent Arena
  2016: Ukraine-The Golden Award of International Salon Of Inventions
  2016: Moldova- AGEPI Medal
  2017: Thailand -Outstanding Award
  2017: Portuguese- The Golden Award of 20th Moscow " Archimedes " Innovation Technologies-Special Award
  2017: Taiwan-Excellent Fire Equipment of Kaohsiung International Carnival of Disaster Prevention Reduction
  2018: Taiwan-Presidential Innovation Award of International Inventors
  2018: Taiwan-Top Ten Outstanding Invention Award
  2019: Japan- The Golden Award of World Genius Convention & Education Expo , Tokyo